Color masterbatches for high temperature thermoplastics

Color masterbatches for high temperature thermoplastics such as PEEK and Fluoropolymers, PFA, FEP, ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF, THV

Polychromos® color masterbatches are used when final products such as cabels, foils, sheets, tubes, profiles and seals have to be colored.

Depending on the application, 2 – 10% of a suitable color batch is added to the raw material in order to thoroughly dye the final product. To get the best performance while processing Polychromos® color masterbatches, it is important that the color concentrate matches with the substrate.

Polychromos® produces all of its color masterbatches on the basis of different raw material types of the industry leading chemical companies. The customer always determines the substrate of the color batch – however, we are always there if guidance is needed.