Fluoride ethylene propylene (FEP) is a fully fluoride colorless (transparent) polymer that is processed thermoplastically. It is most commonly used for products that are exposed to high temperatures or aggressive fluids. The processing temperature of FEP is over 300°C, therefore a high operation standard of the used color masterbatches is required to keep the temperature stability during the process. Our color masterbatches meet these requirements.  

When manufacturing our color batches, the color pigments are placed at a high concentration within the FEP basis polymer. Our customers use this color concentrate in a ratio of 5 – 10% to the basis polymer.

We can customize our color masterbatches to make them work on the basis of the desired raw material type or according to the requirements of the final product.

If, for technical reasons, a color masterbatch cannot be used, we offer a “ready-to-run” material that is already colored according to customer specifications.