PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) is a perfluoride high temperature fluoropolymer that is used in thermoplastic processes. The industry leading chemical companies make this material available exclusively in nature color – transparent. Our PFA color masterbatches are added with a proportion of 2 – 10% to the raw material. The concentration of the color in the final product largely depends on the wallthickness of the product. Principally, the thinner the wallthickness, the larger has to be the ratio of the added color batch. To prevent problems while processing the blend of raw material and color masterbatch, it is advisable to use color batches that are synchronized to the raw material type. Here, it is of utmost importantance to consider the melt flow index (MFI).

Color masterbatches (standard colors) apt for the market-typical PFA are usually on stock. Customized colors can also be provided – quickly and cost-efficiently.